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Abstract submission for MultiTemp 2017 is now closed.
Notifications have been sent via e-mail April 10, 2017

Guidelines Full Paper submission:

Authors that received a notification of acceptance need to resubmit their paper(s) for acceptance of the paper in the proceedings. The full papers can be submitted via an online submission form, between 19 June 2017 - 2 July 2017 (deadline is extended with 3 days, all final papers should be submitted by Sunday 2 July 2017 the latest).

IMPORTANT: All authors must submit their final camera-ready papers, including valid Copyright Clearance Code (CCC) on the first page footer (see section 1), approved by PDF eXpress (see section 2), along with IEEE Copyright Form (see section 3) before the deadline for final camera ready papers, even if there are no changes to the paper. Failure to do so may result in the paper not appearing in the proceedings.

Only papers that were actually presented as an oral or poster presentation will be published in the proceedings.

Prepare your final camera-ready manuscript and submit it according to following guidelines:

1 - Preparation of your FINAL PAPER

1.1 - Verify that your camera-ready paper complies with the IEEE format.

Full papers (for all accepted oral and poster presentations) should be 4 pages in length and formatted as two-column documents. The IEEE conference paper template can be downloaded from:


1.2 - Insert into your paper the following copyright clearance code (CCC) to the bottom of the first page, depending on your situation:

  • For papers in which all authors are employed by the US government, the CCC is: U.S. Government work not protected by U.S. copyright
  • For papers in which all authors are employed by a Crown government (UK, Canada, and Australia), the CCC is: 978-1-5386-3327-4/17/$31.00 ©2017 Crown
  • For papers in which all authors are employed by the European Union, the CCC is: 978-1-5386-3327-4/17/$31.00  ©2017 European Union
  • For all other papers the CCC is: 978-1-5386-3327-4/17/$31.00 ©2017 IEEE


2- Checking IEEE PDF compliance

Your camera-ready paper should be converted into a PDF file and verified for Xplore compliance by IEEE PDF eXpress. Go to and convert your file to an IEEE Xplore compatible PDF file or check your PDF file for IEEE Xplore compliance.

First-time users should do the following:

  • Select the “New Users - Click Here” link.
  • Enter the following:
    • 42599X for the Conference ID
    • your email address
    • a password
  • Continue to enter information as prompted.

An Online confirmation will be displayed and an email confirmation will be sent verifying your account setup.
Previous users of PDF eXpress need to follow the above steps, but should enter the same password that was used for previous conferences. Verify that your contact information is valid.
You will receive an email receipt indicating that your camera-ready paper is PDF compatible. Keep this receipt: you need to upload it together with your camera-ready paper and IEEE Copyright Form (explained below).
Approve your paper in PDF eXpress and download it. You need THIS PDF FILE later for the final submission.

In case you need assistance with this process, contact the PDF eXpress Support.

Access the Publications Support Center for IEEE PDF eXpress.
If you do not find an answer in the Find Answers tab, go to the Ask  A Question tab. Your question will be forwarded to IEEE PDF Support and answered within 3 business days.


3- Editing and signing IEEE Copyright form

In addition, all accepted papers must be accompanied with an IEEE Copyright Form.

Download the form here.

The copyright form should be filled out (the IEEE PUBLICATION TITLE is “2017 9th International Workshop on the Analysis of Multitemporal Remote Sensing Images (MultiTemp)”), printed and signed by one author, preferably the primary author.

Make a pdf-scan of the signed copyright form.


4- Final submission

The following files should be submitted:

  1. The signed Copyright form (in pdf)
  2. The final paper itself (pdf file downloaded from IEEE PDF eXpress)
  3. A text copy of the IEEE PDF eXpress PDF Check

All three file names should start with your accepted abstract ID and the first author’s last name.

For example: “110_SWINNEN_...

IMPORTANT: paper without a completed IEEE Copyright Transfer Form as well as the PDF eXpress proof confirmation will not be published.



Guidelines Final Oral/Poster presentation:

ORAL presentations
Please keep in mind that 20 minutes (time for Q&A included) are allocated for each oral presentation. We advise all speakers to prepare their presentation in 16:9 format. All oral presentations can be uploaded during registration and welcome coffee on 27/06 (08h30 - 09h45) so that our technical staff is able to project your presentation on the screen when necessary.

POSTER presentations
All posters must be printed in A0 potrait format and can be put-up during registration and welcome coffee on 27/06 (08h30 - 09h45). Tape will be provided for you.
The posters can be viewed during the entire conference, but we also have some dedicated time slots for presenting the posters.

o    Poster session during the lunches 27-29/06 between 12:00-14:00.
o    Poster session 28/06 - 16:10-17:00


We will keep you informed via the website and MultiTemp mailing.
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